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Existing projects:

  • Cambodian Investment Management Co., Ltd
  • Netmeds Marketplace LTD
  • VIBE Café Hospitality Co., Ltd
  • Backyard Café Co., Ltd
  • Columbia Care Inc
  • Verita Healthcare Group Limited
  • Quantum Screening INC.
  • Jumpcut INC.
  • Neurogum INC.
  • Payscout
  • QWQER India
Tanncam Investment Pte. Ltd.

Verita Healthcare Group Limited

Verita Healthcare Group: Founded in 2013 and has its main office in Singapore. Verita Healthcare operates as digital health care company. The company offers a platform for precision, preventive, patient-centric health care service. Verita Healthcare Group is the next generation integrated healthcare company. Their main businesses are:

- Verita Life: Verita Life specializes in providing Complimentary and Integrative Cancer Treatments.

- Verita Wisdom: Verita Wisdom harnesses advanced MedTech innovation and powerful analytics to support precision, personalized health profiling, health informatics, and proactive health and wellness management solutions.

- Verita Health: Focusing on detection of underlying health issues and preventing potential problems from arising.

- Verita Innovation: is a proven solution provider for governmental federal authorities in the intelligence and cyber fields. Verita Innovation provides innovative security and cyber intelligence solutions to identify threats and meet mission-critical operational needs.

- Verita Connect: Verita Connect is a discreet health and wellness concierge: a friendly guide, fully-informed about the very best treatments available globally.

Verita Healthcare Group has great achievements and recognized by many organizations. More Information Verita Medicaldevice Network

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Quantum Screening INC

Quantum Screening  is registered with the U.S. Security and Exchange Commission. Founded in 2016 in response to the noticeable growth in cancer cases around the world and to diminish the impact of cancer. The scientists and physicians of Quantum Screening have spent the last 20 years developing tests that will allow clinicians to give conclusive results to their patients in a matter of minutes in their office.

Quantum Screening is developing innovative and cutting edge products for screening of both acute and chronic life threatening diseases.  Developer of saliva-based test designed to detect and diagnose oral cancer. The company's saliva based test identifies oral cancer in its early stages when treatment is most effective, enabling patients to diagnose oral cancer and get effective treatment.

More Information Quantum Screening Linkedin Profile
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(Exited: 2020)

Edvo is giving candidates control over their job search. Thousands of new candidates are using Edvo every month to find their next job. Edvo is a Talent Agent that gets people the best jobs, so that they can live their best life. Edvo gets people jobs that they qualify for today, AND develop them for jobs they will need in the future.

Edvo taps into communities, groups, job sites, and social referrals to support candidates looking for jobs. Instead of applying to random companies with long applications, candidates tell Edvo what they're looking for.

Edvo does the hard work to identify roles at companies they want to work with. Edvo interviews hundreds of top performers and employers every year to tell candidates exactly what skills and behaviors are highest in demand. Candidates take the Edvo Fit Assessment to understand how well they fit the roles they're most interested in.

If they’re a strong fit, Edvo creates pre-qualified Candidate Profiles and delivers them to Edvo's employer partners. If candidates aren’t qualified yet, Edvo develops candidates through personalized feedback and upskilling. Win-win.

More Information EDVO Linkedin Profile

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Jumpcut, Inc.
(Exited: 2020)

Jumpcut started out in a one-bedroom apartment with just four team members back in 2014. Since then, they've grown into a multi-million dollar business employing over 50 people (and counting) in 9 countries. In 2018, they have increased their revenue by 400%, have over 10,000 active users in their platform, and they are aiming to release 25 courses by 2022.

Jumpcut is a Y Combinator and venture-backed startup company that creates captivating online courses about entrepreneurship. Jumpcut believes the future of education lies in creating world-class content. That’s where Jumpcut comes in. They aim to create binge-worthy, addictive educational courses with the help of their amazing team members from all over the world.

Jumpcut is where the next generation of entrepreneurs will be developed. Their online courses help people improve the skills they need in order to turn their passions into a successful business. Their first course is a comprehensive YouTube Influencer course, where the world's top influencers teach you how to create compelling, original content, develop a massive following online, and monetize your audience so that you can live a life pursuing your passions.

More Information Jumpcut Jumpcut Blog

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Neurogum, Inc.

Neurogum, Inc. is a food and beverage industry and founded in 2015 having its headquarter in Los Angeles, California. Their specialties are Confectionary, Nootropics, Chewing Gum, Biohacking, Health and Wellness, Supplements, Vitamins.

In 2015, they developed Neuro - a functional confectionary brand revolutionizing the consumable supplement space. The product has been featured in publications such as TIME magazine, Dr. Oz, Forbes, and CNN, and can be found in over 5000 retail locations nationwide.

The ingredients in Neuro’s proprietary nootropic formula (blend of natural caffeine + L-theanine + B-vitamins, On top of that, it’s vegan, gluten-free, aspartame-free and sugar-free for clean, focused-energy) have been scientifically shown to boost focus, mental performance and cognition. With over 8 million pieces sold, they provide clean, focused energy to everyone from students, athletes, parents, and beyond.

More Information Neurogum Linkedin Profile

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Payscout LLC

Payscout is an award-winning global payment processing provider that supports over 3,000 global merchants across all merchant risk verticals and processes billions of dollars annually. It was organized under the laws of the State of Delaware.

Payscout is a global payment processing provider covering six continents by connecting merchants and consumers via credit, debit, ATM, and alternative payment networks. It offers payment processing solutions for brick-and-mortar and ecommerce transactions, and has earned acclaim as a new-generation provider of merchant banking services, specializing in online/ecommerce retailers with a predominant proportion of card-not-present (CNP) transactions; it is one of the few providers to deliver a true global payment solution that encompasses all merchant risk verticals. Customers can access Payscout’s credit card processing services via a state-of-the-art, web-based user portal and through direct interactions with highly-trained experts. In addition to supporting thousands of clients across a multitude of industries and all 50 American states, Payscout is a licensed Financial Institution (FI) in the European Union (EU) and maintains global partnerships with VISA USA, Bank of America Merchant Services, VISA Europe, VISA Latin America, VISA Asia Pacific, MasterCard Worldwide, China Union Pay, and First Data.

More Information Payscout

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QWQER Project

QWQER is a project of QWY Technologies Private Limited. The company is launching QWQER App, which is a Person to Person material delivery platform and mobile application.

QWQER is giving the easy lifestyle to users with Just download the QWQER App from Google Play Store or App Store and register. You can easily book your parcel to anyone within the same city afterwards.

QWQER is very cost effective way to send your materials within city.

QWQER delivery is always point to point, person to person.

QWQER ensure proper screening of driver partners who handle the parcels. You avail additional insurance for your parcel through their Insurance Partner.

You can track the delivery through the QWQER app. QWQER “ Delivering. To the Point.”

More Information QWQER QWQER's Video

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Apeiron Feeder SICAV p.l.c.

Apeiron Feeder SICAV P.L.C is a collective investment scheme organized as a multi-fund public limited liability company with variable share capital (SICAV) registered under the laws of Malta, incorporated in 2018.

The Company is a Notified AIF under the Investment Services Act (List of Notified AIFs) Regulations (S.L. 370.34, Laws of Malta) and is included in the Notified AIF list of the MFSA.

The Master Fund is a segregated portfolio within Apeiron SICAV Limited whose assets and liabilities are to be treated as a patrimony separate from the assets and liabilities of Apeiron SICAV Limited and of each other subfund of Apeiron SICAV Limited.

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Cambodian Investment Management Co., Ltd

Cambodian Investment Management Co., Ltd (hereinafter, CIM), is a Cambodian subsidiary of Indonesia-based PT Covenant International Management launched in 2009, provides corporate finance, tax preparation, accounting and consultancy services. Anthony Galliano, the company’s CEO, said CIM has strived to carve out a niche in underdeveloped nascent sectors that required entrepreneurial investment. CIM consists of several subsidiaries that offer a range of vertically integrated Financial Service such as:

- Serviced &Virtual offices

- Company Incorporation &Registration

- Visa &Work Permit

- Accounting, Tax &Payroll

- Corporate Finance, M&A, Arranging Bank Loans,

- Insurance Advisory

- Business Optimization

- Wealth Management

- Digital Management and Advertising

- Human Resource

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Netmeds Marketplace LTD
(Exited: 2020)

Netmeds Marketplace Limited founded by Pradeep Dadha in 2015 develops healthcare e-commerce portal Netmeds.com to serve customers in India. The headquarters are located in Chennai, India. Netmeds.com is a fully licensed e-pharma portal that offers authenticated prescription and Over the Counter (OTC) medicine along with other health products. Netmeds is the “first-to-market” to offer a pan-India solution for the quick online purchase and fast delivery of prescription medications and has served more than 5.7 million customers in more than 670 cities and towns. The portal offers customers the convenience of ordering health products online via a simple process. A team of qualified pharmacists’ vets the prescription for validity and dosage that assures dispensing only appropriate medication. The Company offers a mobile application to sells following products online :

- Prescription

- Medicine

- Over-the-counter (OTC) drugs

- Food &Beverages

- Health Equipment

- And Personal Care Products online.

More Information Netmets Marketplace More Information Vitalic

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VIBE Café Hospitality Co., Ltd

Vibe Cafe Hospitality is a wholesale distributor of proprietary products, rejuvenating cleansers and lunchboxes, and created by unique health food and vegan recipes that are available in group founder Emma Fountain’s cookbook on Amazon.com. Vibe Asia is a 100% plant based cafe, specializing in vegan, nutrition focused and creative food and beverages. Its the First 100% Vegan Cafe in Phnom Penh & Siem Reap, Cambodia. Emma Louise Fountain is the founder and creator of VIBE Cafe concept. The group has recently entered into the franchising and restaurant consulting business and plans to franchise the VIBE Café concept as a Vegan Café around the world.

More Information VIBE Café Hospitality Phnom Penh Post

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Backyard Café Co., Ltd

Backyard Café is a health food café, which focuses on seasonal, locally sourced, organically grown ingredients, nothing processed, just real, honest, clean food. Their menu has a wide range of vegan, vegetarian, raw, gluten-free and sugar-free options. They use plant-based, eco-friendly packaging, bamboo straws and recycle the waste. Backyard Café founded Emma Louise Fountain and its concept is centered around wholesome, nutritious food in a relaxed cafe environment. It caters for meat eater, fitness focused individuals, vegetarians and vegans. Backyard Café offers catering, private hire, food delivery service, birthday cakes (the healthy kind!), juice cleanses, raw food cleanses and a range of our own brand and imported wholefoods and superfoods. Backyard has very good reviews from many customers with it highest and finest ingredients, unique taste, and refreshing.

More Information Backyard Café

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Columbia Care Inc

Columbia Care Inc. is one of the largest and most experienced multi-state operators in the medical cannabis industry, with licenses in 15 jurisdictions in the US and the EU. With over 1.4 million in sales transactions since its inception, Columbia Care is a patient-centered organization setting the standard for compassion, professionalism, quality, caring and innovation, working in collaboration with some of the most renowned and innovative teaching hospitals and medical centers in the world. The Company is committed to providing the type of education and transparency patients deserve and quality of product that clinicians expect. Columbia Care Inc. stock is publicly traded the the following stock exchanges under these tickers NEO:CCHW, OTCQX:CCHWF and FSE:3LP.

More Information Columbia Care

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